Meet Ryan Bussiere – Plateau Mont-Royal

//Meet Ryan Bussiere – Plateau Mont-Royal

I was born in Canada to Canadian parents, but twenty-two years ago my family made the move from the Toronto area down to Houston, Texas. This was long before I met my way-too-good-for-me wife Magan. While I’m only a southerner by import, Magan is a native of Alabama with Mississippi roots. With vastly different upbringings, we separately we came to faith around the age of 18, when God opened our eyes to glory of His gospel and changed everything. It was not long after that both of us sensed a call to a lifetime of ministry.

Since then we’ve worked in various ministry contexts from Pine Cove (a Christian camp in Texas), to inner city ministry (Magan), to junior high, high school, and college ministries. We were married in April 2017 and, as I was serving my third school year as Junior High Director at my church in North Houston, we began to sense the Lord directing to prepare to plant a church in Toronto, Canada.

We know that prepare is the key word for us in this season. We have sought the Lord for direction on what preparation ought to look like and believe the first step is partnering with Acts 29 Canada in at least three ways. First, it looks like joining the missional communities of Church 21 in missional living in the city. We love our City Group and have already been so blessed by their fellowship and partnering in the gospel in the neighbourhood known locally as the Plateau. Second, it looks like participation in the Academy In Context for practical and theological training. We’re so excited about the combination of ministry experience and academic preparation because theology really matters and because discipleship is far more than an academic exercise. Third, it looks like my joining the pastoral team of Church 21 as a Pastoral Apprentice. It has already been a joy to join this team in seeking to know, love, and serve the people of this church and this city and as we serve our Lord together.


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1450 City Councillors, Suite 520 Montreal, QC H3A 2E6

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