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We continue to develop new resources, improve training experiences, and offer new courses that will help accomplish our mission. If you don’t see what you’re searching for among our courses below, please contact us.

Foundations of Gospel Living

This foundational course is designed to help students develop a gospel-centred spiritual life, to live out their full identity in Jesus Christ as part of a Christian community. Heart probing content, questions, and activities are oriented around identities as:

  • Children in the Family of God
  • Stewards in God’s Kingdom
  • Light in the Darkness
  • Servants of the King
  • Travellers on Life’s Journey
  • Messengers with Good News
  • Coaches

The course can be completed as a self-study or group-study in conjunction with missional community living and can be taken as an online course for credit or by simply working through the coursebook. Approximately 125 hours (25 hours of study; 100+ hours of directed activity and practice). No prerequisites. 

Foundations of Biblical Literacy

This independent-study course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of the books of the Bible, the authors, the main narrative story of God, and how to read the Bible in light of its purpose. It requires reading the entire Bible and demonstrating a foundational level of biblical literacy necessary for theological study and missional leadership. This course can be taken online for credit or by simply working through the course guide (PDF). Approximately 90 hours (75 hours to read the Bible; 15 hours of supplemental coursework). No prerequisites.

Essentials of Spiritual Leadership

This core disciple-making course is an intermediate-level course that builds on the foundation of gospel-centred living that is provided in the Foundations of Gospel Living course. Within a mentorship framework, this course develops leaders through practical experience to lead others to spiritual maturity in Christ. It addresses the need for a sound philosophy of spiritual leadership, helps students develop four skills essential for spiritual leadership, and walks students through a hands-on process for integrating the philosophy and skills while leading people to grow spiritually.

The course can be engaged primarily as a self-study or as part of a cohort of leaders training together, but is designed to take place within a local church leadership context. Approximately 120 hours (20 hours of study; 100+ hours of practical leadership). Prerequisite: successful completion of Foundations of Gospel Living and the Foundations of Biblical Literacy course or exam.

Porterbrook Courses

This series, popular for years among Acts 29 churches, includes 24 individual modules and covers a range of subjects relating to the Bible & Doctrine, Character, Church, and World. It is designed to give lay leaders a stronger theological base and missional perspective for ministry leadership and cultural engagement.  Each module takes between 25-40 hours of study and involves both independent work and group discussion. No prerequisites, though a newcomer to the faith would benefit by starting with our Foundations courses.

* Porterbrook courses include:

Bible & Doctrine

  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Bible in Missional Perspective
  • Understanding God’s Story
  • Union with Christ
  • Bible Truth in Missional Perspective
  • Bible Teaching in Missional Perspective


  • Gospel Change
  • Gospel Living
  • Gospel Relationships
  • Living the Cross and Resurrection
  • Pastoral Care: Part I
  • Pastoral Care: Part II


  • Gospel Community
  • Keeping it Missional
  • Church History in Missional Perspective
  • Missional Church & Church Planting
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Beyond the Church Plant


  • Evangelism
  • Engaging with Context
  • Culture
  • Apologetics
  • Christian Imagination
  • Evangelism and Social Action

Certificate in Missional Leadership Program

This three year part-time vocational program is designed to produce competent missional leaders and church planters by training them in a theologically-integrated, hands-on approach to leadership in local ministry contexts. Graduates will be well prepared to lead churches and start new churches with missional DNA as they will have already had experience leading at multiple levels – in some cases they will have already developed missional communities or core launch teams within their own target ministry context as part of their training. Time requirements and other details of this program are outlined below. This program can be completed in either an English or French language context and assignments can be submitted in either language, however some elements of instruction and required readings are only available in English at this time.

*Core courses in the vocational program include:

  • Spiritual Vitality
  • Theological Clarity
  • Relationships
  • Marriage, Family, & Home
  • Maturity
  • Conviction & Commendation
  • Missional Lifestyle
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Disciple Making
  • Ability to Teach
  • Entrepreneurial Aptitude

Students also focus their leadership skills through at least one of the following practicums:

  • Training
  • Shepherding
  • Preaching
  • Church Planting
  • Cross-Cultural Ministry
  • Mission & Entrepreneurship
  • Ministry to Children & Youth
  • Church Operations
  • Worship Direction
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Professional Development for the Missional Leader

Specific courses and practicums from within the vocational program will be available, mostly in the form of self-paced courses, mentored apprenticeships, and hands-on workshops designed to facilitate specialization and continual learning and development of missional leaders. A wide range of subjects enables practitioners to develop their existing understanding and skill set and to cross-train in areas of ministry leadership outside their primary focus. These courses are projected to begin in English and French in September 2019.

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