Meet Trenton Walker – Missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship, Quebec

//Meet Trenton Walker – Missionary with Child Evangelism Fellowship, Quebec

It was ten years ago that I, an 18-year-old Ontarian, met a beautiful Quebec girl at Bible school. In 2010 we got married! Our relationship revolved around where and how God was calling us to ministry. God made it so clear, Quebec needs the Gospel. For the past 7 years, we have been serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) in Quebec, Canada. Why? Because our desire is that, every child has the opportunity to hear the Gospel, be discipled and established in a Bible-believing church. The culture in Quebec is very different from the rest of Canada and sometimes it feels like growth is very slow but we clearly see God’s hand in our ministry.
Currently there are over 700,000 children between the ages of 5 and 12 spread out in the province of Quebec. It is a staggering number and seemingly impossible to say that every child will have the opportunity to hear the Gospel. While that may be true, we strongly believe that every child deserves to hear the Gospel.
We not only have programs in place that constantly allow us to reach new children but we also are equipping teachers year round so that the number of people on a mission to reach the children will continue to grow! I was talking with a pastor from Rwanda who is planting a church in Gatineau, Quebec. He told me how much he wants us to train his children’s workers. He said, “a successful church plant starts with the kids”. I couldn’t agree more!

When I answered the call that God put on my heart to serve in Quebec, it was obvious that I should start right away. However, during the seven years that I’ve been serving, I’ve seen God leading me to continue my formal Bible training.
God has provided an amazing opportunity for me to be part of a Biblical academy, Academy in Context, organized by leaders of my church! Lori-Anne and I are very excited about it! The goal of the program is to equip those who are currently pastors or on mission while they are in service or preparing for ministry. This means, I will be able to continue ministering with CEF fulltime while I am taking the Bible courses. I know that God will use this training to better equip me for my current ministry and future ministry. Through the practical ministry portion of the academy, I hope to stretch myself in new areas of ministry in my service in the local church.
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