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Why train in context?

No need to move or quit your job in order to train, learn how to live and lead others to live out the gospel right where you are. Contextual learning is crucial to effective missional leadership!

Our Training:

We offer a full complement of flexible training options that include: self-paced courses; small-group based courses for churches; and in-context vocational ministry leadership training with experience in church leadership, pastoral care, cultural engagement, and church planting. All our training flows out of a gospel-centred DNA and is available to you where you live and serve.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that to see emerging leaders truly shaped by the gospel, that the gospel must touch the whole person, transforming the way they live and lead within their specific context and community.

Toward this end, we do not only train and evaluate our students’ knowledge of the gospel, but their conviction, their character, and their ability to put the gospel to work as they serve others.

From our foundational courses to our professional level courses, the primary objective undergirding all of our training is to see the Spirit of God grow each learner to become more mature and better equipped to serve the Lord.

Our Values:

The Gospel is at the heart of our training as well as how we approach our training, it is central for all our trainers and it must be central for our students as well.

Everything we do has significance and must be done with intentionality; it is the Spirit of God who helps us to see the significance and who leads us in both the great things and the small things.

To honour the way God has designed people to learn, we want to see the whole person formed by the gospel for all of life, so our training targets seven different dimensions of leader development.

In order to adapt our training methods to the diverse cultures and contexts across our great nation we will be as flexible as we can without compromising our other core values.

In order to put faith into practice, our training is action oriented, but it is our gospel theology which drives the practical experience and the two cannot be separated.

To develop leaders for the long haul – who develop leaders, churches, and gospel movements – requires a strategy for health, reproducibility, and sustainability that must be infused from the beginning.

Our Network:

Academy in Context is an initiative of the Acts 29 Canada Network. It is our desire to serve the churches of our network well and to expand our impact among sister networks, gospel-centred churches, and aspiring leaders who share our heart to see the gospel influence all of Canada and beyond. You can learn more about our heartbeat and the global Acts 29 Network at www.acts29.com.

Our training is aligned with the core theological commitments of the Acts 29 Network:

  • Gospel centrality in all of life
  • The sovereignty of God in saving sinners
  • The work of the Holy Spirit for life and ministry
  • The equality of male and female and the principle of male servant leadership
  • The local church as God’s primary mission strategy

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